Never Fear – Christmas Terror, an anthology

Hey, everyone, I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be part of a Christmas anthology featuring a number of incredible authors, including Heather Graham. Now I have to tell you I’ve stepped a little out of the box with this story. It’s not my usual romance. Never Fear Christmas Terrors, is a collection of spine- tingling, heart-stopping stories set during the holidays. Please check out Amazon to read more about this must-read collection.

Never Fear Cover Excerpt from: A Crimson Christmas [my story in the collection]
Frowning in disgust, he headed toward the ice skating pond. Seated upon a bench, Nicholas gazed across the frozen water to where the church could be seen. Adjacent, a nativity scene stood, complete with a wooden manger, above which a golden angel hung whose eyes he could have sworn were staring into his. It had to be his imagination. The angel was too far away. But a sudden unease chilled him to the bone. Nicholas glanced around at the scattering of colorfully decorated houses, a warm glow emanating from their windows, and a fierce anger began to burn inside him. He hated everything about this place.

Author Interview for the release day blog tour:
What inspired your story?
Since I was a child, my dad has built a village under our Christmas tree. It was a fairy land of tall pine trees, colorful houses, and happy villagers shopping, decorating their trees, sledding, skating, and caroling. As I thought about writing A Crimson Christmas, this scene came to mind. What if it wasn’t the happy picturesque village it seemed to be? What if there was one who secretly despised the little town and everyone who lived there? What if one night their village of candy canes and holly boughs turned into a place of death and horror?

Do you have any real experience with the paranormal?
One of my favorite cities is New Orleans. Ghosts are such a pervasive part of the city’s history, I thought I would share the time I was zapped by the voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Due to the low elevation most of the cemeteries in New Orleans are above ground and are known as Cities of the Dead. The tombs, or mausoleums, can be plain or ornate. Some are still kept up by family members and some have crumbled due to neglect. I find them to be both fascinating and creepy.
A few years ago my husband and I were in New Orleans touring St. Louis Cemetery #1, the oldest in the city, where the tomb of Marie Laveau is located. Offerings such as dead chickens are still left around the base, and the exterior is covered with ‘X’s. The legend goes that if you draw an ‘X’ on the wall, turn around three times and knock, then yell out your wish, she will grant it.
When we stopped in front of Marie’s tomb the strangest sensation came over me. I became extremely dizzy and had to sit down. I felt so bad, we had to leave the tour. The further we got from the cemetery the better I felt. Now, my husband will tell you it was heat exhaustion, but it wasn’t that hot, and I felt fine until we stopped in front of the tomb.
Two years ago we went back and this time I was ready. When we approached the tomb, I braced myself, but thankfully nothing happened. My husband said “I told you so.” But I still believe I had an encounter with the voodoo queen.

What’s next for you? What are you working on?
My next paranormal romance, His Magic Touch, is set in New Orleans, and features contemporary witches. Jared Dupre discovers that a demonic witch, Adam Montief, has kidnapped his brother, threatening to kill him, along with Jared’s fiancée, Kendra O’Connell, over a centuries-old vendetta Jared knows nothing about.

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