Christmas Memories on 8mm

Debby with Grandpa Santa

Debby with Grandpa Santa

While cleaning out my parents attic, I came upon an old Wilson’s potato chip can full of our family eight-millimeter movies. As I read the label on each container, memories of what the film held came rushing back. I wanted so badly to watch the movies, but we no longer have a projector to play them on. I thought what a shame it would be to never see these wonderful images again, not to mention having them for future generations to watch. So I sent a couple of them off to be made into DVD’s.

I gave them to my parents last year for Christmas and what a joy it was to see the happy looks on their faces. We laughed and cried while we watched those we love and those who have passed bring back cherished memories: opening packages Christmas morning with my parents and grandparents, making snowmen and having snowball fights with my cousins, ice-skating on the lake, my brand new Schwinn bike, family vacations at the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, weddings with bridesmaids wearing big hats and polyester dresses, and my brother’s first birthday with his face full of cake.

My niece and nephew, who are in their early twenties and late teens, asked, “Where’s the sound?” Technology has made taking movies so much easier and the quality so much better. But there was nothing more fun than Saturday night with my Dad getting out the movie screen and projector while Mom made popcorn. My brother and I would sit on the floor and watch those wonderful, soundless, poor quality eight millimeter movies and love every minute.

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