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His Magic Touch Trailer

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His Magic Touch

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I am thrilled to have a new book — a paranormal romance — being released December 5 by Wild Rose Press. It’s got ghosts and witches in New Orleans – Where better? It has love and suspense and danger and evil — even a sword fight or two! Jared and Kendra are good witches living […]

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Never Fear – Christmas Terror, an anthology

Hey, everyone, I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be part of a Christmas anthology featuring a number of incredible authors, including Heather Graham. Now I have to tell you I’ve stepped a little out of the box with this story. It’s not my usual romance. Never Fear Christmas Terrors, is a […]

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Location Location — New Orleans

  Location is an extremely important part of writing a successful story. For me, if a book takes place in a state, city, or part of the  world I’m interested in, I’m more likely to buy the book. New Orleans happens to be one of those cities I not only love to visit, I love […]

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Rue Toulouse Release Party

Hey, I’m having a Release Day Party on the 15th – – Go to the link below.  There will be contests and Giveaways of books, eBooks, and gift cards, plus more. Help me celebrate!

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Christmas Memories on 8mm

While cleaning out my parents attic, I came upon an old Wilson’s potato chip can full of our family eight-millimeter movies. As I read the label on each container, memories of what the film held came rushing back. I wanted so badly to watch the movies, but we no longer have a projector to play […]

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Rue Toulouse — Sex, Love and Danger in the Big Easy

My second romance, Rue Toulouse, set in the French Quarter of New Orleans, was released January 15, 2015.  It is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and as an ebook on Kindle, Nook and Kobo. Rue Toulouse — Fashion designer Caterine Doucette attends a masquerade ball dressed as a shimmering ice princess where she […]

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The Silver Crescent Released January 30th!

I’d like to share my exciting news since the release of The Silver Crescent on January 30th.  I took two copies of my book to an independent bookstore in Beaufort, SC. They have a section for local authors’ works, and what thrill for me to have my book among them. David and I went to […]

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Out of the corner of your eye have you ever caught a glimpse of something, and then when you turn it’s gone? Have you heard creaks and bangs that can’t be explained? Has the temperature around you suddenly become chilled? Do you believe in ghosts? I do! Ghost and witches have to be the most […]

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